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No matter how sophisticated the technology, it still takes people!

AITP is an organization that all IT professionals can benefit from.

Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, beginning your career in IT or are a seasoned professional, there is a place for you here.


Professional Members

Individuals whose careers are linked to the Information Technology field.

For more information see the AITP national website:  Press here




Student Members

Individual students currently enrolled in a university or college whose degree major is consistent with their desire to enter the information processing field. Students join Student Chapters at their schools, if available.  Students who do not find their college or university listed can join as an Individual Student Member At Large.

For more information about our student programs, see Student Members

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Discounted Memberships

Discounted memberships are available for faculty advisors and recently graduates who belonged to AITP in college. For more information, see contact AITP by calling 630.678.8300 or 866.835.8020, or see the website


Membership Categories


Dues for AITP RTP membership are $244 per year, which includes national dues, chapter dues, and prepaid event costs at twelve monthly meetings.  If you attend a chapter meeting as a paid guest and then join and become a member before the end of that month, the paid guest fee will be refunded. If you cannot attend a particular chapter meeting, you may send a substitute at no additional charge.  Press here to join

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